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December 2012 - Relationship Cleansing
November 2012 - The Call to Thanksgiving
October 2012 - Just Sow It
September 2012 - The Struggle of Contentment
August 2012 - Character
July 2012 - Standing Firm for Freedom
June 2012 - A Mother's Year of Reflection
May 2012 - A Post-Mother’s Day Blessing
April 2012 - My son, give me your heart... Proverbs 23:26
March 2012 - Don’t Be the Older Brother, Sisters!
February 2012 - An Open Heart
January 2012 - What are some practical steps you have taken to strengthen your prayer life?


December 2011 - Getting Ready for Faithwalkers
November 2011  - What are some Christmas traditions that have built your family in Christ over the years?
October 2011 - What has helped you in your transition into the "empty nest" phase of life?
September 2011 - What are some practical steps you have taken to reach out to the lost?
August 2011 - How has God helped you overcome challenges in coming into your husband's family?
July 2011 - What verse has helped you the most in being a mother to your children - and why?
June 2011- What verse has helped you teh most in your being a healper to your husband--and why?
May 2011 - What verse has encouraged you the most in your walk with God-and why?
April 2011 - Advice for a New Pastor's Wife
March 2011 - Titus 2 Group, by Sharon Wong
February 2011 - Pure, part 2, by Barbara Wilson
January 2011 - Teaching the Younger Women to be Subject to Their Husbands, by Cindy Sokoll


December 2010 - Encouraging the Younger Women to Be Kind, by Kathy Darling
November 2010 - Encouragement to Be Workers at Home, by Carol Meyer
October 2010 - Teaching the Younger Women to be Pure, by Barbara Wilson
September 2010 - Encouraging the Younger Women to be Sensible, by Karen Hairing
August 2010 - Teaching Younger Women to Love Their Children, by Jan Gordon
June 2010 - Teaching What is Good, by Thelma Clark
May 2010 - Self Control, by Terry Putthoff
April 2010 - Not Malicious Gossips (Speech), by Mardean Martindale
March 2010 - Reverent in their Behavior, by Neva Whitney
February 2010 - Introduction to Titus
January 2010 - From John Hopler


December 2009 - The Proverbs 31 Passion, by Karen Haring
November 2009 - Knitting and Life, by Cheryl Sanchez
October 2009 - He Is Still There, by Virginia Biang
September 2009 - Smile at the Future
August 2009 - Faith, by Thelma Clark
May 2009 - The Power of an Example, by Thelma Clark
April 2009 - What I Have Learned from You, by Rita Bergen
March 2009 - Lessons from a Church Planter's Wife, by Neva Whitney
February 2009 - The Big "Perhaps", by Terry Putthoff
January 2009 - To Encourage and Share the Benefits of Homeschooling, by Kathy Darling


December 2008 - Rejoicing Over His Children, by Barbara Wilson
November 2008 - What Happens When God Doesn't Answer Prayer Like We Want?, by Mardean Martindale
October 2008 - The Lighter Side of a Serious Mission, by Kenyon H. Powers
August 2008 - Encouraging Your Faith
July 2008 - Partnering Together in the Gospel, by Kelley Faler
June 2008 - The Summer Project, by Jan Gordon
May 2008 - Advice from Pastors' Wives
April 2008 - Fight for Your Children, by Thelma Clark
March 2008 - "Mrs. Noah", by Barbara Wilson
February 2008 - Is Anything Too Difficult?, by Beth Sebek
January 2008 - Blessing Your Marriage, by Cindy Sokoll


December 2007 - Bended Knees in a Busy World, by Beth Sebek
November 2007 -Don't Just Count Your Blessings....ENJOY Them!, by Shari Damaso
October 2007 - The Perfect Life for Me, by Kelly Lewis
September 2007 - The Safest Place, by Thelma Clark
August 2007 - Imitate Her Faith, by Jean Dunham
July 2007 - Tribute to Ruth Bell Graham
May 2007 - A Season of Serving, by Diane Yousling
April 2007 - Still Learning to be a Hard Worker After All These Years!, by Neva Whitney
March 2007 - True Refreshment by Shari Damaso
February 2007 - God's Will for My Day, by Patty Osborn
January 2007 - You Crown the Year with Your Bounty by Mary Knox


December 2006 - Praying God's Word by Karen Haring
November 2006 - Faithwalkers by Carol Meyers
October 2006 - Empty Nesters by Neva Whitney
September 2006 - Four Hearts God Loves by Dotty Vanderhorst
August 2006 - When Husbands Travel by Rita Bergen, Sharon Brown, and Susan Wang
July 2006 - Bring What You Have by Beth Sebek
June 2006 - A Mother's Investment by Thelma Clark
May 2006 - Manners Matter by Julie Cavanaugh
March/April 2006 - Cold Turkey by Sue Keator
February 2006 - Teaching the Younger by Jean Dunham
January 2006 - A Ray of Hope by Shari Damaso


November 2005 - Great Expectations by Sandy Hopler
October 2005 - Half-Time by Mary Knox
September 2005 - Do You Pray? Barbara Wilson
August 2005 - Living in Community by Sharon Brown and Laura Blanco
June 2005 - Never Be Disappointed by Lori Goering
May 2005 - Faith Matters by Mary Knox
April 2005 - Listening for God by Linda Burlile
March 2005 - Unfathomable Boundaries by Vicki Nurre
February 2005 - We're in the Right Business, Ladies! by Neva Whitney
January 2005 - His Plans by Angie Valtman


December 2004 - Lessons from the Desert by Lee Coria
November 2004 - Maximizing the Minutes by Kelly Lewis
October 2004 - Unity Among Pastors Wives by Neva Whitney
September 2004 - Refreshing Your Husband by Wendy Walker
August 2004 - My Part in His Production by Sara Pecina
July 2004 - What I have Learned About Prayer by Debbie Poindexter
June 2004 - Keeping Strong in Ministry by Barbara Wilson
May 2004 - Evaluating Schooling Options for Our Children by Sandy Hopler
April 2004 - To the Struggling Faithful by Carol Young
March 2004 - Shepherding Your Flock by Betty Boys
February 2004 - What is God allowing in your life TODAY to build your faith? by Mardean Martindale
January 2004 - Life on Purpose by Tammy Smith


December 2003 - Come and Worship, by Joan Stockdale
November 2003 - Reaching Out to People Who Are Different From Us, by Laura Brandts
October 2003 - Designed for Dependence, by Virginia Biang
August 2003 - Preserving the Memories, by Linda Charlton
July 2003 - Staying Positive in a Negative World, by Jana Graber
June 2003 - Family Fellowship
May 2003 - The Rating Game, by Carol Young
April 2003 - Seeing Grace, by Faith Hopler
March 2003 - Interruptions, by Pam Dickman
February 2003 - Enduring Love, by Beth Sebek
January 2003 - Letter from Trish Schlichte, Remembering Dee Williams


December 2002 - Those Old Familiar Carols, by Kelly Lewis
October 2002 - Adapting to My Husband, by Kristin Hagen
September 2002 - What I Did on My Summer Vacation, by Michelle Larson
August 2002 - Adapting, by Kristin Hagen
July 2002 - Born (and Reborn) to be Free, by Rita Bergen
June 2002 - Know the Ropes, by Evy Sommerlot
May 2002 - Experiencing God's Faithfulness, by Vicki Nurre
April 2002 - Spring Fever, by Erin Hendricks
March 2002 - When People Leave Your Church, by Sandy Hopler
February 2002 - Making a 'Home' for Your Husband, by Danelle Nelson
January 2002 - Practice Makes Perfect, by Su Keator


December 2001 - A 'Mary' Christmas, by Karen Haring
November 2001 - Clinging to Christ, by Carol Young
October 2001 - All Things for Good, by Mardean Martindale
August 2001 - Persevering, by Virginia Biang
July 2001 - Summer Times, by Barbara Wilson
June 2001 - In the Middle of Every Moment, by Kelly Lewis

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A Life Group Adventure by Bob Hearon & Mike Kearns

VBSA while ago, our life group had a conversation about how to be a deeper community of believers living out our faith. Thus began a wonderful adventure started by trying to reduce the separation between us, and ending with treasures from living and

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It's Not Over 'Til It's Over by Martha Maxwell

MarthaBirdsWe’re blessed with days on earth to figure out why we’re alive now and what our “mission” is. After nearly 7 decades of living, I feel some compulsion to review my legacy as well.

I grew up in Kansas and moved to Colorado where

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